About the Mind

My mind (And encompassing meat-body) most often goes by the name Erik Coburn. I grew up on video games, and very quickly, latched on to the mechanics and psychology of what made games work the way they did. I explored them diligently, and gently transitioned into logic and philosophy. I soon built up a knowledge base that I used to test games, and I've found that very few games use points that I would deem "great." So I took up programming, and have been building my own games ever since.

Needing an outlet for my thoughts, I created the blog Twelve Million Blocks Away to start documenting the philosophies and psychologies present in many games. But, as I came to realize, this was far too narrow a focus.

So now, I have my main blog: Overthoughts. This is, quite simply, my collected thoughts- Conversations, stories, devlogs, and steams of consciousness. As I continue my exploration of game psychology and various philosophical concepts, they will be documented here. As I get deeper into my own game design endeavors, they will be documented here. For the intellectual gamer, I hope I can supply a mesmerizing experience.


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