Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Let's begin with time

Yeah, that's right. I'm making an actual post. I knew this blog would come in handy eventually. Normally, my philosophies are converted into stories, and my stories are posted on Facebook. But tonight, I have no stories. No metaphorical connection between my actual thoughts and some obscure characters in an alternate world from our own. I simply thought about what I wanted to be.

I want to become everything.

But wait, I already am. I am everything I want to be, because I want to become everything. Now let me explain this.

Time is not a straight line. It's a cliched statement, but it's incredibly naive to think that any alternatives to that statement is true. To say that time is a straight line, simply because that is the way our human minds perceive it is quite the arrogant statement of our race. We have no right to define something, only by what we can see. That would be like saying that the universe revolves around us, simply because we don't see anything else. We've done this. We learned that we were wrong. We believed that the earth was flat, because it matched observation. At the time, the truth seemed a complete contradiction to human instinct. We learned the truth. It isn't that the earth because round when we knew it was, but that it always was. Space does not warp to match our definition of it, so why should time?

I like to think of time as round. Like a ball. From the outside perspective, everything is happening at once. Every possible chain of events is converging at every possible point, making up the sphere of time itself. Now, from the view of an ant crawling around on the ball, They move in a straight line. From such a perspective, if you are constantly moving forward, it will always seem like a flat plane. Much like the earth. You can travel all over it, but you are always moving in a line, never seeing the entirety of it all at once, or seeing how it all joins together.

The circular nature of a sphere represents the cyclical nature of time. When the universe ends, a new one will begin. Assuming that this is due to chance, the next one will consist of all the same components, but pieced together slightly differently. It has the potential to be completely different, while at the same time, still coming around full circle.

The sphere metaphor can't explain why moving backwards in time is impossible, so I will admit that it is a poor metaphor, but it serves its purpose here just fine.

If you were to view the entire expanse of time from the outside, you would see everything that has ever happened anywhere. Including alternate dimensions.

Let's say that a normal life is a simple path around the equator. Now, you could follow this simple life, or you could derive from the path, and turn abruptly south. Or north. Or any variation in between. You could make any choice you want and go anywhere at all on the surface of the time-sphere. Every single reality is possible.

Not only is it possible, but it's happening. Now. If you don't make the choice now, then when you loop back around, you'll make it again. When the universe destroys itself and reemerges from the other side as a new universe, the person who has replaced you will make slightly different choices. And this is all happening simultaneously. So, not only does a sphere capture all possibilities of our current universe, but all other ones as well. Every event, in every dimension, at every point in time, all happening at once.

Yet, from our human standpoints, it takes countless millennia to see this.

So, if absolutely everything that is possible (And everything that isn't) is all happening at this very moment, we are already everything we could possibly, or impossibly become. So the only way to be what you want to be, with no exception, is to desire to become everything.

I am content with this. It gives me the knowledge that I can achieve anything.Nothing is far away. If I don't achieve it in this universe's lifetime, the next 'me' will. And if he will, then there is no reason I can't. I will eventually become everything (Back to a human-defined timeline), so in this life, I will choose which pieces I want now.

Nothing is impossible. We are already everything, so why not embrace that? Why not be that? It is impossible to fail when success is inevitable, so make your dreams a reality.

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